Apple issues first iOS 9.2.1 developer beta build

We’ve heard generally good things about iOS 9.2, which aimed and likely succeeded in crushing bugs generated by previous software releases, also bringing new language support for Siri and USB Camera Adapter capabilities.

But that doesn’t mean Apple will just rest on its laurels now, wait for iOS 9 adoption rates to resume their growth, and count the days until it’s time to launch the world’s first iOS 10-powered iPhone (s).

Granted, since version 8.3 of the second most popular mobile platform around barely saw daylight back March, it’s unlikely Cupertino shall move beyond build number 9.2 anytime soon. A minor 9.2.1 update is nonetheless already in the works, rolling out to developers for pre-release testing as we speak.

When might this exit the beta stage? Judging from past turnarounds, it could take anywhere between a week and a month, depending on the complexity of changes cooked up, and whether or not fresh system malfunctions pop up as old vulnerabilities and issues are addressed.

Right now, you can try out iOS 9.2.1 by downloading it from the Apple Developer Center, and perhaps, shape up the UI tweaks to come. One particular glitch the future update will almost surely take care of currently sees app installations via Mobile Device Management fail to complete. Anything else you may want fixed? Voice your discontent below, and your wish could come true before long.

Source: MacRumors

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