While 2018 and even 2019 iPhone upgrade plans slowly come into focus, based on supply chain preparations and predictions made by respected analysts, it seems way too early to know anything about what Apple may be gearing up to showcase two years down the line.

Tim Cook himself probably has no idea what the next next next big thing will be, although the Cupertino-based juggernaut is likely experimenting with a number of potentially groundbreaking technologies as we speak.

One such game changer pundits are starting to believe is around the corner is something Samsung has also been working on for the better part of a decade. In fact, Apple could join forces with its arch-rival in this enterprise too, although LG feels like a more sensible candidate for flexible display supply.

That’s right, if Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts are correct, the utopian dream of a foldable iPhone could become a commercial reality as early as 2020. No words on the scale of this launch yet, as mass production remains a big challenge for several malleable components.

But discussions with various Apple suppliers in Asia suggest work is already pretty advanced on a foldable phone that could potentially “double up as a tablet.” Of course, even if this rather optimistic projection pans out, Samsung is still expected to beat Apple to the punch. And then there’s LG, which may have something self-branded in the pipeline, as well as Huawei or OPPO, both of which probably need a little more time to reach the commercial stage.

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