We’re at a crossroads in Apple’s fight to overturn an order issued by the FBI to assist in decrypting an alleged mass shooter’s iPhone. The FBI is currently testing a hacking method it has learned from “an outside party.” Apple is now saying that if the agency finds success in decrypting the San Bernardino iPhone without the company’s assistance, a similar case going on in New York could go without its help.

That’s the argument Cupertino makes in a letter filed to federal court in Brooklyn. Apple is involved in a case where it is being asked by the Justice Department to help decrypt an iPhone seized in a drug bust. The judge overseeing the case sided with Apple in his ruling, but the government is appealing.

In the letter, it is requesting the judge working the appeal to hold briefing procedures until after the Justice Department comes back with a status report in the San Bernardino. Apple claims the DOJ isn’t against the delay, but we didn’t hear back from the department at press time.

The major difference in the cases is that the San Bernardino iPhone ran iOS 8 at the time of the shooting while the Brooklyn was on iOS 7.

Source: Reuters

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