Apple Fans Take Revenge On Samsung, Turn Facebook Update Into iPhone 5 Promo

Samsung has been busy trying to steal the thunder from Apple and it’s iPhone 5. We have recently seen their brand new and controversial ad comparing the Galaxy S III to the iPhone 5 and some even believe that all the Galaxy S IV rumors recently have served the same purpose.

Those who are proud enough to call themselves “iSheep” (yes, there are more than you’d believe), as Android (and Windows Phone) fans never miss a chance to label them, have turned one of Samsung’s recent Facebook status updates into a full-fledged iPhone 5 ad. The South Korean manufacturer asked the following question on its USA Facebook page: “if you could only take one electronic device on to a deserted island, what would it be?”

With more than 45,000 likes, 1,600 shares and 13,800 comments, the most common text next to the picture of the Galaxy S III is “iPhone 5” or some sort of variation. There are exceptions of course, as with any rule, so, Samsung fans, Apple fans, go over to the source link below (until it gets yanked by Sammy) and voice your opinion.

And, since we’re talking about a deserted island (without power or reception), you’ll probably only be able to snap some pictures for the posterity and show off the conditions you’ll probably live in until someone finds you.

Source: Facebook

Via: Electronista

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