Today’s the day! We’re just a few hours away from Apple’s latest press event. For months now there’s been talk of Apple expanding its current line of smartphone offerings with a new model designed to cater to the taste of users who aren’t quite fully on board with Apple’s move to larger and larger iPhone designs in recent years, and crave a return to more compact form factors. After plenty of leaks, rumors, and talk about a possible springtime launch, just under two weeks back we finally got our confirmation that an event was indeed on its way. Now we’ve got just hours to go until showtime, and if you’re anything like us, you anxious to get the full scoop on Apple’s latest hardware for yourself. Luckily for you, Apple’s happy to deliver live streaming video of its announcements – so how can you watch?

Just like past events, not everyone’s going to be able to (easily) view Apple’s stream, thanks to the company’s decision to use HTTP Live Streaming rather than just hosting the feed on something like YouTube. As a result, you’ll need either an iOS device, or a computer browser with HLS support in order to view the stream.

The good news there is that in addition to Safari supporting HLS on Macs, PC users can also get in on the action with Microsoft’s Edge browser on a Windows 10 machine. All these users will have to do to watch Apple’s stream is click through to the source link below, beginning at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific, 5PM GMT).

That’s the easy way. But even if you don’t fit in to one of those groups, all hope isn’t lost. Once we get a little closer to the event, and Apple starts embedding its stream, we can usually extract a link that will allows users to view the announcement via the open source VLC player – no matter which operating system you use. We’ll update this post with that link as soon as we have it. Update: link added below.

And of course, Pocketnow will have full coverage of all Apple’s announcements, so even if you miss the live feed, you can still get caught up on all the new products.

Source: Apple (stream) (VLC-compatible link)

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