Some of Apple’s greatest success has come when the company stepped forward to embrace new product types: it’s a move we saw with the iPod, with the iPhone, and one we may be seeing again right now with the Apple Watch. So it’s understandable that we start to get very excited when we hear about Apple approaching a new undertaking that would see it release not just an updated version of an old product, but one new to the company altogether. Earlier this year, we started hearing about one such moonshot that threatened to step far outside the manufacturer’s comfort zone, with word that Apple was working on its own electric car. Now a new report suggests that Apple is really looking to get this so-called project Titan to a commercial phase as soon as possible, and we could see sales of the Apple car begin in 2019.

While four years may seem pretty far off at this point, that’s really not much time at all for a manufacturer to design an automobile from the ground up, let alone a company that’s as new to the game as Apple.

Unlike Google’s autonomous car project, Titan would be a vehicle more akin to the Teslas of today: electric-powered, but still human-controlled. It sounds like a self-driving car could still be a future ambition of Apple’s but we may have to wait for a future Apple vehicle.

This 2019 target is reportedly the result of a lengthy investigation into the feasibility of the project, and now that Apple’s committed to moving forward, it may soon expand its 600-person automobile team to some 1,800 employees. Even with all those resources, it’s still possible we could see things slip back further, especially as Apple works out manufacturing logistics, but one way or another, it’s sounding more and more likely that this is one Apple project that’s very much moving forward.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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