Apple is discreetly pulling out all the stops to help iOS 11 users better manage their internal storage

Even though there was almost no concrete information leaked or even rumored on iOS 11 changes, upgrades, add-ons and new features until the very day before the start of Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference, we all knew how the presentation would unfold in broad strokes.

Once again, we’d hear how widely used the mobile platform’s previous iteration is compared to Android’s ever-deepening fragmentation, how content people are with their iPhone and iPad software, and how the latest version is way better than anything we’ve seen so far.

Indeed, iOS 11 is pompously billed as a “giant step for iPhone” and “monumental leap for iPad” on Apple’s preview-dedicated webpage. Arrogant but justifiable, at least in part, and it turns out Cupertino merely scratched the surface of the OS update’s paramount UX improvements.

Exciting fresh functionality continues to transpire from early beta testers, including a number of native storage-saving options. For instance, you can automatically “Offload Unused Apps”, which sounds like a lot less hassle than manually and routinely choosing what to delete from your iDevice to be able to hoard more selfies and cute puppy videos.

You’ll of course need to enable that in Settings – General – iPhone Storage, and once you’re all set, iOS 11 will discreetly grey out unused apps when necessary, keeping their documents and data on hand if you rapidly want to re-install them at some point.

Sounds a bit (okay, a lot) like Nextbit Robin’s “cloud-first” tactics, but they weren’t entirely original then, and you can’t accuse Apple of anything now either. Except for finally helping make 16 or 32GB iPhones bearable.

On the same note, personalized suggestions should assist each particular iOS 11 user in keeping their gadget’s internal memory neat and tidy, and there’s even an option for auto deleting old iMessage conversations. Nice!

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