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Apple denies having an interest in buying TikTok

By Nadeem Sarwar August 4, 2020, 2:02 pm

TikTok is facing some serious heat in the US right now, with President Trump even giving the parent company – ByteDance – an ultimatum to sell the company’s US operations by September 15 or get the app banned in the country. While Microsoft has confirmed that it is currently on the negotiation table, the Axios Pro Rata newsletter by Dan Primack dropped a bombshell earlier today, claiming that Apple has also shown interest in buying TikTok.

Now, Apple has denied interest in buying TikTok, refuting the claim made in the newsletter. “An Apple spokesperson tells Axios that there are no discussions about buying TikTok and the company isn’t interested,” the update says.

Notably, the Axios newsletter cited external sources who had knowledge of the proceedings. And even if Apple was interested in buying TikTok, the deal would put the company in a complex situation where it has to balance pressure from the US and as well as China, which also happens to be one of its largest markets as well as production hub.

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