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Apple delays support for driver licenses and IDs in Apple Wallet until next year

By Roland Udvarlaki November 24, 2021, 7:00 am
Apple Wallet Drive License and ID

During the June WWDC 2021 event, Apple announced that Apple Wallet would soon gain support to securely store ID cards and Driver Licenses in the app. The feature was then delayed, and the company released a statement saying that it would come in “late 2021”. The new feature has been pushed back once again, this time until 2022.

Back in August, we’ve posted an article telling you what features will not arrive in iOS 15, and some of the new features are still not available today, including the ID and driver’s license support in Apple Wallet. Apple released the news on its website, and updated the title that now says that the feature is “Coming early 2022”.


Apple hasn’t provided any specific released date for the feature, and it’s unclear when it will actually be released in 2022. We know the feature hasn’t been added in iOS 15.2 beta, and it remains to be seen if any future betas will come with the feature enabled (via MacRumors).

When Apple announced the feature, it said that select TSA security checkpoints in select US airports would be the first locations where users would be able to take advantage of the new feature, and they wouldn’t be required to bring physical copies of documents. The feature allows easy identification, and can free up users’ wallets by carrying fewer cards and other documentation every day – and it can also prevent identity theft since no physical copy could be stolen.

Apple mentioned multiple times that the app would be safe and secure to use. All users would be required to authenticate their devices before being able to gain access and present their ID cards and driver licenses to officials. The feature also required users to take a selfie of their face, which then the software matches against the real documentation to verify its validity.


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