This looks to be a recurring topic as we’ve previously heard several reports at the end of last year claiming that Apple is cutting iPhone production. The latest one comes today from Asia and claims that Apple is cutting iPhone production by 10 percent for the next three months. Unnamed sources claim that Apple has asked its suppliers at the end of last month to produce fewer iPhones than planned for the January-March quarter.

This is similar to what analyst Jun Zhang predicted at the end of December, though he was talking about rough numbers, not percentages. This allegedly happened before Apple announced weaker-than-expected financial performance at the beginning of the year.

Another source familiar with the situation said that under the revised plan, overall planned production volume of both old and new iPhones will be reduced to about 40 million to 43 million units for the January-March quarter from an earlier projection of 47 million to 48 million units.

Since Apple no longer discloses the numbers of smartphones it sells, we’re left with speculation and reports from unnamed sources and analysts. Tim Cook did blame weaker iPhone sales on trade-ins and battery replacement programs, but the US-China trade war, the Qualcomm trial, as well as high prices are all playing a role in the status quo.

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