Apple to cut iPhone SE and iPhone X production to start on new iPhones

“Despite angst surrounding the 2018 September releases, one common thread we continually uncover is the lack of concern for overall demand for 2018-2019.”

The investors at BlueFin Research Partners have been tracking rumors on this year’s three iPhones just like the rest of us. But at some point, Apple will have to start producing the new iPhones and that may come at a cost to anyone who wants the most expensive and most affordable iPhone models available today.

In a note obtained by Barron’s, analysts John Donovan and Steve Mullane, Apple may discontinue sales of the iPhone X during the third quarter and the iPhone SE and some indeterminable point. This will make way for the company to produce 28 million units of the new models late in the summer and up to 63 million units during the fourth quarter. For the full year, BlueFin expects 196 million new model units will be produced with 165 million shipped. The forecast numbers have gone up considerably from previous reports.

As to specific models, Donovan and Mullane believe that a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone will cater to customers who wanted last year’s iPhone X to be larger while a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will hit the more “budget-conscious” type. As for the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone expected out, well, it’s not clear, but it will definitely suffer from lengthening upgrade cycles stretching beyond two product upgrade cycles.

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