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Apple is creating a new team to make in-house wireless chips

By Roland Udvarlaki December 17, 2021, 5:30 am
Apple Chip Source: Pocketnow

Apple has been customizing and designing its own chips for many years now with the A-series in iPhones and iPads, and the M-series in its latest MacBooks and iPad Pro devices. While the company may have been working very hard, it had to rely on third-party suppliers and other businesses to provide them with wireless chips such as Broadcom and Skyworks. According to a new report, Apple may be creating a new team that would develop Apple’s own wireless chipset to remove the reliance on third parties. We previously reported that Apple may be developing its own modems for the 2023 iPhones, and it seems like it may be happening.

A new report from Bloomberg suggests that Apple is setting up a new team of engineers and designers to make its own wireless chips in-house, and remove its dependence on third-party businesses such as Broadcom and Skyworks. The move would allow Apple to control even more parts of the chip manufacturing process, and it would likely have to pay fewer fees and royalties. Apple is already hiring new engineers, and it’s looking to open a new office in Irvine, Southern California, to develop the wireless chips and wireless semiconductors.

The report also explains that Apple’s move would be “part of a broader strategy of expanding satellite offices, letting the tech giant target engineering hotbeds and attract employees who might not want to work at its home base in Silicon Valley. The approach also has helped Apple further its goal of making its own components.”

Notes mention that newly hired engineers would likely be working on wireless radios, radio-frequency integrated circuits, and wireless system-on-a-chip (SoC). In addition, engineers would also develop semiconductors for connecting Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, covering all of the third-party components provided to Apple by other large corporations.

Apple iPhone 13

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