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Apple could let you take long distance group selfies in the future

By Samuel Martinez June 7, 2020, 11:44 pm

Usually, patents give us a better idea of what companies are preparing for their customers. The Verge found one of the latest patents awarded to Apple, and it would allow its users to take “synthetic group selfies.”

It seems that you could soon take a group selfie without being around the people in the picture. According to Apple’s new patent, this new app would let you invite other people to become part of your group selfie, and the participants would be arranged accordingly in the frame. The patent also describes the window that would appear on the invited used device to let them participate in the group selfie photo if they accept the request.

url: public://2020/06/Patent-1-Apple.jpg

The group photos would include still images, stored video images, or live streaming images, which would allow for several different options for users when creating a synthetic selfie. This patent was filed back in 2018, and it was recently granted to Apple, which would make sense, considering the ongoing pandemic, but let’s remember that not every patent becomes a real product, or in this case, an actual application.

Source The Verge

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