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Apple could give us a foldable MacBook or MacBook Pro in the future

By Samuel Martinez May 5, 2020, 11:00 pm

We keep on getting images and patents that suggest that Apple is continually working to give us a new MacBook or MacBook Pro with a foldable design in the future. This time we see that the company is trying to replace the current hinge mechanism that connects the screen to the body of the computer and giving us a “planar hinge assembly that could apply to a MacBook Pro device.”

Apple’s US Patent No 10,642,318, describes “A personal computing device comprises a single piece body having a seamless overall appearance and that includes a bendable portion that is capable of having a smoothly curved shape. The single-piece body includes a first part capable of carrying a display suitable for presenting visual content, and a second part that is capable of carrying an input device suitable for accepting an input action.”


These new hinges are referred to as a new multi-state bending assembly, and it also mentions that it could be applied to a smartphone cover or a tablet computer device. The main idea is to create a single piece body with a bendable portion that would still have to house the same electronics that connect the screen to a keyboard. This “adjustable bending structure” would be formed by a stack of layers that can transition from an uncompressed state to a compressed state. We would only have to wait and see if this is simpler and more reliable than the current hinge in the MacBook Pro.

Source Apple Insider


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