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Apple considering even bigger displays for the iPad Pro: Report

By Samuel Martinez June 28, 2021, 7:29 pm
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We’re still trying to understand some of the latest changes and upgrades that came with the latest iPad Pro models that launched back in April. These models arrived with more power than expected, as it includes an Apple M1 processor, 16GB RAM, and more, but they can only use 5GB of that RAM due to iPad OS limitations. Whatever the case, it seems that Apple is still looking to improve its most potent iPad models, and the latest rumor suggests that these improvements would arrive in the display department.

The latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro model comes with a new mini-LED display, which makes it the first iPad with this tech. The smaller 11-inch model comes with the trusted LED-backlit IPS display that we have all come to love. However, it seems that Apple has been exploring the possibility of giving us iPads with a larger display.


Now, don’t expect these iPad Pro models to arrive anytime soon, as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman explains that these models could take a while to launch, well that is if Apple finally decides to go ahead with this idea.
“I’m told that Apple has engineers and designers exploring larger iPads that could hit stores a couple of years down the road at the earliest. They’re unlikely for next year—with Apple’s attention on a redesigned iPad Pro in the current sizes for 2022—and it’s possible they never come at all. But a big iPad would be the perfect device for many people, including me, and would continue to blur the lines between tablet and laptop.”

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Apple is also said to be working on giving us new iPad Pro models with a glass back, and these could even arrive as soon as next year. However, there’s no real need for a larger iPad Pro with an M1 processor if you don’t get to use the full macOS versions of several applications, like Final Cut, or Procreate, for example. In the end, the real problem for this or any other iPad Pro model with an M1 processor is iPadOS, as it doesn’t allow users to use the hardware’s true potential.

Source Bloomberg 

Via MacRumors


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