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Apple to combine Mac, iPad, and iPhone apps by 2021, says report

By Anton D. Nagy February 20, 2019, 10:00 am

A large portion of Apple’s revenue is generated by services, and buying apps from the Store is just one way you help the iPhone-maker succeed. We’ve recently heard that iPhone users in the U.S. are spending more and more dollars on mobile applications, and now a new report tell us about Project “Marzipan”. Bloomberg reports, citing unnamed sources familiar with the matter, the Marzipan is a multistep initiative.

The main goal is, according to the report, to combine Mac, iPad, and iPhone apps by 2021. Apple is aiming to help software developers in building apps in an easier way, hence indirectly boosting its revenue. The report claims that Apple will release a new software development kit at the upcoming WWDC Developer Conference in June. This new software development kit will allow developers to port their iPad apps to the Mac.

Developers will still need to submit separate versions of the app to Apple’s iOS and Mac App Stores, but the new kit will mean they don’t have to write the underlying software code twice

Same sources mentioned that next year, in 2020, Apple is planning on expanding the kit to iPhone apps, so developers can convert those to Mac apps as well. This is a challenge because of the smaller screens on the iPhones.

In the last stage, in 2021, developers will be able to combine iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications into a single app, called a “single binary”. This way developers will only need to submit their apps once, to a single store.

While the details are relatively clear, said sources claim that the entire plan is “fluid”, and can be subject to changes.

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