Apple wants to make iOS video creation and editing fun and simple with free Clips app

Instead of going up against the likes of Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook with its very own (latecomer) social network, Apple still wants iPhone and iPad users to share videos on established platforms. But the Cupertino-based tech giant would prefer it if you created fun, expressive Clips with its “incredibly easy to use” new app.

Dubbed simply Clips, this isn’t the result of some complex, revolutionary thinking. It finds inspiration all around, aiming to borrow and polish support for “artistic” filters, speech bubbles, shapes or emoji.

What it probably brings new to the table is a feature called Live Titles, which lets you add animated captions and titles to your fun little video creations… with your voice. That’s right, no actual typing or heavy lifting required, just speak in one of 36 different languages recognized by the app, and captions will be automatically generated, as well as perfectly synced. In theory, at least, because anything that involves voice assistance can go horribly wrong.

You also have “soundtrack” support to effortlessly choose the ideal musical background for your Apple Clips, which by the way are recorded when you touch and hold a single large button. It doesn’t get simpler than that, and yes, you can mix multiple live videos and photos together, plus full-screen posters with animated background and a bunch of other cool stuff sans complicated editing tools.

Compatible with iOS 10.3-running iPhone 5s or later, semi-recent iPads, and even the sixth-gen iPod touch, the free-to-download title is slated for an April App Store debut. Could this be more exciting than that “new” 9.7-inch iPad?

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