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What will the Apple car cost, and when can you get behind the wheel?

By Stephen Schenck March 15, 2016, 10:39 am

Being a modern tech giant means being willing to try your hand at some new pursuits: these days, if you’re the company behind something like a major mobile platform, you’ve also got to have a little smartphone hardware to sell, maybe a streaming music service for users to subscribe to, and the boys in engineering are probably already working on some kind of VR headset. For the biggest of these firms, you can add to that list a mobile division – automobile, that is. Google makes no secret of its autonomous car project, and going back more than a year now we’ve been tracking rumors that Apple could be developing an electric vehicle. Now a new analyst report attempts to take a stab at some of the specifics behind its arrival, including just when you’ll actually be able to get behind the wheel – and what that privilege will cost you.


Everyone already seemed to agree that an Apple car would be quite a way’s off, with one report mentioning possible 2019 availability, and even Tim Cook himself making a vague comment on his company’s car plans having more of a long-term timetable.

This new report claims that Apple’s likely to start showing off its car sometime in 2019 or 2020, and while it might start taking orders early on, deliveries of the vehicle wouldn’t commence until more like 2021.

As for pricing, Apple’s expected to take its same premium hardware position as it expands into this automotive space, and its car could demand upwards of $75,000.

What are the odds of all this actually happening? Well, keep in mind that these are predictions, not sourced leaks, and Apple’s always got plenty of time to change its mind. Current estimates suggest there’s better than a 50/50 chance of Apple’s plans unfolding as described here.

Source: Apple Car Fans
Via: Jalopnik


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