Apple Van
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Apple’s Project Titan, aka the Apple Car, has been in the headlines for quite some time. Initially, it was believed that the iPhone-maker will build its own vehicle, dubbed the Apple Car. Later, the focus reportedly shifted from building a vehicle to developing software for autonomous vehicles. Now, according to a new report, the Cupertino-company is reportedly planning on building its own Apple Van.

The report is citing anonymous sources to claim the below. However, with unknown track record on reports, and with unnamed sources, we advise you to remain skeptical.

The Apple Car could come in the form of an electric van. Apple’s engineers have designed specimens with black and silver paint, designed in the typical industrial design of the iPhone group. Apple also researches on its own batteries, electric motors, special seats and interior components.

There might be some truth to this report, though. Even if Apple is not planning to build its own, actual, Apple Vehicle, another report suggests that the company might be testing its autonomous vehicle software on an employee shuttle. This could explain both the Van report, as well as confirm previous rumors of Project Titan being software-only focused.

Apple is creating an autonomous vehicle to ferry employees from building to building called PAIL or Palo Alto Infinite Loop that will be a test bed for its autonomous software.

The details are scarce and conflicting at the moment. One thing is certain. Project Titan, and the team around it, is active and we’ll definitely hear more about this in the future.

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