Apple To Bump Next iPhone Screen To 4.6 Inches: Report

Since the iPhone 4S and the New iPad are behind us, we’re left with the usual set of rumors which are related to either the smaller, 7-inch-ish iPad, or the upcoming iPhone 5 (or whatever the name will be).

According to reports, the next Apple-phone will sport a larger, 4.6-inch “Retina” display, which is something rather unusual, knowing how fond the Cupertino company is of the 3.5-inch form factor. The Maeil Business Newspaper claims, quoting unnamed sources, that Apple has decided to go big but LG and Samsung — Apple’s display suppliers — declined to comment.

A future possible 4.6-inch display on the next iPhone will make the device gigantic. The iPhone 4S measures 4.5 inches in total, from top to bottom; can you imagine an iPhone which such a large display, sacrificing one-handed operation? We’re not even going to speculate on future possible resolutions that would result in a close to “Retina” display ppi on such a large screen — and we’re not going to mention that, regardless of the new 1080p content, the aspect ratio should stay the same, at 1.5, for app compatibility.

Do you think it’s likely for Apple to consider bumping the screen size to around 3.8-4.3 inches or do you think 4.6 is a possible candidate? We don’t think the close-to-“phablet” size is Apple’s cup of tea.

Source: Reuters

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