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Apple brings back the iPad 4, launches an 8GB iPhone 5c and discontinues the iPad 2

By Jaime Rivera March 18, 2014, 9:10 am

Apple has been doing some really odd things lately, and it mainly has to do with its product portfolio. For those of you that thought that the iPhone 4 was discontinued this year, well that’s not entirely accurate as it still lives somewhere in India. One of the oddest products to have continued on its stores as well was the iPad 2 after more than 3 years in the market, but that was easily topped today by some “new” product launches.

First of all, Apple has decided to discontinue the iPad 2 and bring back the iPad 4 from the dead, as we saw some rumors yesterday. We all assumed that the iPad 2 and original iPad mini had the purpose of being Apple’s entry-level tablets because of their lack of a Retina Display, but now Apple brings a Retina Display iPad to the entry level sector at the same $399 (and $529 for the LTE variant) price tag as the old iPad 2.

Another product that got re-launched today, and that we also saw rumored yesterday, is an 8GB iPhone 5c in select European countries. We all know that Apple is struggling with as many as 3 Million units in storage and this new iPhone at 60 Euros less than its 16GB counterpart is Apple’s apparent solution to getting rid of so many stored products.

Both devices are available today, though launches like the iPad 4 make us wonder what Apple is thinking.

Source: Apple
Via: MacRumors

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