Following Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple after Fortnite was removed from the App Store and later asking for a temporary injunction, Apple has now retaliated via its own court filing. Apple claims that the whole fiasco is Epic’s own making and that the developer breached its end of the contract. Taking a clear stance, the Cupertino giant mentioned that developers who deceive Apple are terminated, and the same has happened to Epic Games.

“In the wake of its own voluntary actions, Epic now seeks emergency relief. But the “emergency” is entirely of Epic’s own making,” the court filing mentioned. Apple even likened Epic Games’ decision to bypass the App Store payment rules to that of shoplifting, a scenario in which Apple does not get paid similar to when a customer walks out of an Apple Store without paying for its products.

Furthermore, Apple claims that Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney asked for a special treatment in an email addressing Apple CEO Tim Cook and a few other high-profile executives (via CNBC). “On June 30, 2020, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney wrote my colleagues and me an email asking for a ‘side letter’ from Apple that would create a special deal for only Epic that would fundamentally change the way in which Epic offers apps on Apple’s iOS platform,” former SVP and now an Apple Fellow, Phil Schiller, noted in a declaration.

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