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Apple beats Android in the notifications game

By Anton D. Nagy June 7, 2021, 1:37 pm
Apple Notifications

A lot of cool stuff coming out of Apple’s ongoing WWDC21 (and it’s only hour one of day one). We’re learning about Apple’s plan to shape the way its notification system works, and it one-ups Android.

First off, you can expect to see a “Notifications summary” on your iPhone or iPad, which is basically a collection of notifications. However, it’s all about how these notifications are grouped and delivered.

While you can manually customize the time you’re getting all your notifications, Apple uses on-device intelligence to be smart about the entire process. It is, on one hand, easy to catch up on news, and, on the other hand, it is more intuitive.

The system will differentiate between notifications from people (messages, e-mails, etc.), and notifications from apps. The relevant ones will always appear on top, with notifications from people being prioritized.

Do not disturb

Another major change comes to Do Not Disturb. You will be notified if the recipient of your interaction is in DnD mode, but you will have the choice to override that by pushing your notification through, should your communication be important enough.

While DnD silences everything, urgent messages can get through despite the status of the user not being available.

Apple Focus

Apple Focus

With Apple’s new feature, dubbed Focus, you can choose what it is that you want to really focus on. Takes a page from certain Android devices that already do this and makes it a tad more suited to your own needs.

You can focus on Work or Personal stuff, and on-device intelligence will deliver notifications, and alert you based on your preference, distinguishing between people and apps. You can then fine-tune to get notifications from only people, or only apps.

Taking this one step further, Apple will even let you customize based on the time of day, or the location you’re currently at. If you’re at work you will likely get prioritized notifications that are related to work (emails, apps, etc.), and if you’re at home, late at night, you will likely get notifications from people and apps like YouTube or other entertainment avenues.

All this is set up on the device, and it is synced across all of your other gadgets. Set it up on the iPhone, and the iPad or Apple Watch will inherit them organically.

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