Have you ever texted a friend about how cool Khloe Kardashian is — because, you know, your appetite for reality TV stars is just that big — and ended up talking about how fat she was? You know, because autocorrect decided that her name was actually Khloe Lardasses?

Surely, there are some pretty bad examples of autocorrect misfires and overcompensations out there and there’s only so much an explanation will do. But why not make iMessage handle the explanation for you?

An Apple patent application shows off how that could happen. If you send a message that features autocorrected words, the recipient will be able to see them highlighted within the sent message. That recipient can ask for a clarification and the sender can then re-edit those words. Voice dictation on iOS uses a similar highlight-and-correct system for iffy words.

How far beyond iMessage this feature could be used for, we’re not sure. But for one thing, I’m done with “sorry, autocorrect.”

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office
Via: The Verge

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