Exchange rate fluctuations cause Apple App Store price increases in 7 countries

The US Dollar is stronger than ever before, inching closer and closer to parity with the Euro, and while the global financial implications are a little too intricate to discuss on a tech-centric website, gadget enthusiasts will certainly be upset to hear they’re looking at costlier iOS app purchases very soon.

Within the next 48 hours or so, App Store prices should be “updated” in Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and South Africa to better reflect the current conversion rates between local currency and the USD.

Expect slightly higher fees charged for both apps (including games) and in-app items, whereas subscribers of various paid services will be asked if they agree to cough up a premium and retain their subscriptions, or pull out effective immediately, sans having to pay any damages.

There’s no word on exactly how much Cupertino needs to mark up prices in order to keep the profit margins as hefty as ever, but hikes could be substantial (up to 15, 20 or even 25 percent), given a USD is now worth 1.45 CAD and 78 Russian rubles, for instance, up from 1.15 CAD and 48 RUB respectively less than a year ago.

Let’s just hope that the next time the US dollar weakens, Apple will do the right thing, and lower app prices accordingly.

Source: The Next Web 

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