Apple lets developers offer new iOS, macOS and tvOS apps for pre-order

Apple’s all-new App Store, redesigned from the ground up for an iOS 11 update that doesn’t appear to be catching on quite as quickly as previous platform releases, is finally getting a pre-order feature.

That means you’ll soon be able to find exact launch dates for the most exciting new iOS apps and games more easily than ever. If developers want to build excitement ahead of time, that is, letting potential buyers tentatively commit to purchasing their titles.

Once the app actually becomes available, it’ll be automatically downloaded to the devices of early adopters, which will only be charged for the purchase on launch day. Until then, any pre-order can be canceled from your iOS or macOS App Store settings, as well as your iTunes desktop settings for iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps.

Devs should keep in mind they can’t put an app up for pre-order more than 90 days in advance of a commercial rollout, or with a shorter than 48 hours notice. Meanwhile, customers shouldn’t worry about possible price hikes between an app’s pre-order opener and availability commencement. That’s because Apple will enforce a strict user-first policy.

Specifically, if the rates change at any given time during the maximum 90-day window, you’ll be asked to pay whichever price is lower. All in all, this sounds like a classic win-win scenario, especially for creators and shoppers of highly anticipated iPhone games.

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