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Apple gives the go-ahead for the largest iOS apps yet

By Stephen Schenck February 12, 2015, 6:30 pm

Despite the push we feel to keep more and more of our content in the cloud, phone storage has still been pushing its way up over the past year, and while we may not be fully past the days when manufacturers feel justified giving a flagship model a paltry 16GB of flash, the arrival of new larger-capacity options like the 128GB you can find on current-gen iPhones is more than welcome. With our phones now able to store more content locally, developers are being given clearance to better take advantage of all that space, and today we learn of Apple doubling its app limit for iOS software.

It used to be that the largest apps Apple would admit into the walled garden of its App Store were those coming-in at 2GB – maybe beyond the needs of your average smartphone software, but a possible impediment for really content-loaded games. Apple’s been relaxing that limit in recent weeks, and today confirms a formal change of policy, moving the new limit up to 4GB.

This does nothing to change the OTA cellular ceiling of 100MB, so you’re not going to blow any data caps installing huge new software. With the door now open for larger apps, will you be thinking twice about getting the smallest possible iPhone next time you upgrade?

Source: Apple
Via: 9to5 Mac

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