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It seems that Apple and other US companies may want to start moving their manufacturing back to the US. The latest information suggests that president Trump is planning to implement new taxes on American companies that manufacture devices or components outside of the United States.

Donald Trump and his administration may be looking for new ways to force US companies to bring their activities back to US grounds. The latest information from US officials, they are mainly trying to move product manufacturing out of China. This happens just after President Trump has extended the Huawei ban for another year. We also know that the US is trying to block HUAWEI’s access to global semiconductor shipments and that China has already warned that it will also start taking action.

Tariffs to Chinese imports have already made US companies lose $46 billion, according to the Commerce Department, and this US-China trade ban may have cost around $370 billion of Chinese products. Trump has also criticized the existence of supply chains, as he believes that production should be moved to US grounds. If these new tariffs finally take place, Apple may have to raise the prices on iPhones and other devices.

Source GSM Arena

Via Reuters

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