Apple and Google are already feeling pressure from the issues generated by the latest Epic Games drama. However, that’s nothing compared to the possibility of facing the laws of a country. The new Russian bill would reduce Apple and Google’s percentage of app sales from 30% to 20%.

A new piece of Russian legislation could hinder the profits Apple and Google make out of app sales. According to a report from Reuters, politician Fedot Tumusov has proposed to cap the commission on app sales to 20 percent. It would also require that a third of the commissions from in-app purchases go toward an IT specialist training fund. If approved, it would reduce the App Store and the Play Store’s earnings from 30 percent to just 20 percent, and it would also be a growth opportunity for developers.

If the bill passes, it could force the companies to reduce their earnings from app sales or even stop offering app downloads in the country. Russia is an important smartphone market. One that isn’t pleased with the effects Apple and Google’s policies have on Russian developers. Imagine what would happen if more countries decide to follow this example.

Source Android Authority

Via Reuters

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