Apple maintains comfortable tablet market domination, but Amazon and Huawei are surging

Any miracles to report between July and September 2016, perhaps turning things around for a long-struggling global tablet industry? Certainly not according to preliminary IDC data, which counted only 43 million slates and detachables shipped in total during 2016’s third quarter, down a whopping 14.7 percent year-over-year.

On the bright side (yes, there is one, for a change), sales were considerably on the rise from the previous quarter (9.8 percent, to be exact), as the “larger vendors prepared for the holiday quarter.” Speaking of, Apple unsurprisingly retains its unchallenged manufacturer lead, boosting annual share by close to 2 percentage points (21.5 vs. 19.6), while nonetheless losing 600K in unit shipments.

What’s a little unexpected is the enduring superior popularity of iPad Air and Mini models over the newer, more aggressively marketed Pro family. In second place in the OEM ranks, Samsung saw both its share and sales numbers decline compared to Q3 2015, with Amazon experiencing impressive 319.9 percent growth to the bronze medal spot, at 3.1 million unit shipments and a 7.3 percent slice of the pie.

Clearly, super-low-cost Fire slates continue to fire up bargain hunters, helping their e-commerce giant producer beat Lenovo and Huawei. But the latter actually had a solid three months of its own, increasing share by almost 2 percent, and sales figures by a cool half a million copies. Those upgraded iPad Pros can’t come soon enough.

Source: Business Wire

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