Each day we see more and more smart devices in our homes. The most common include smart speakers, smart displays, and smart TVs. The problem starts when you try to add even more smart devices into our smart homes, and these don’t work with your favorite platform. Luckily, Apple, Amazon, and Google are joining forces to solve this.

Google has announced that it will work with Amazon, Apple, and other brands to form a new Connected Home group, managed by the Zigbee Alliance. This group will focus on bringing market-tested technologies to develop a new open smart home connectivity standard based on Internet Protocol. Adding this IP would enable secure communication between devices, apps, and cloud services. This new alliance would also help developers and smart home gadget makers, as they won’t have to spend time and resources building support for each major smart home platform. This new Connected Home over IP may start working by late 2020, and it would make all smart home devices compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and other platforms.

Source Android Authority

Via Google Blog

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