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Apple AirTags design may have leaked before possible launch

By Samuel Martinez September 14, 2020, 8:59 pm

We are expecting to see several new products on tomorrow’s Apple “Time Flies” event. It is believed that the main focus of this event will be the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 6 and the possibility of an Apple Watch SE. Rumors also suggest that we may see a new iPad and a new iPad Air, but it seems that we may get something else. The new Apple AirTags may also join the show, and now we also get some renders that reveal their alleged design.

Jon Prosser has been a very reliable source of information regarding Apple products. This time, he has posted what are believed to be design-accurate renders of the new Apple AirTags on Twitter, as well on YouTube channel Front Page Tech. AirTags are supposed to be a Tile-like Bluetooth tracking device that’s meant to be attached to items like wallets, purses, backpacks, and keys for tracking purposes, allowing users to find their belongings directly from the Find My app.

These renders would be based on videos and images of the “actual AirTags,” and Prosser claims that he has not posted the original videos of the AirTags to protect his supply-chain sources. The devices don’t seem to have markings on the front, since everything you need to know is etched into the polished silver metal disk placed on the rear, including the Apple logo.

In terms of size, the new Apple AirTags are believed to be “just a dar larger than a bottle cap,” and their design is not very different from the ones envisioned by many concept artists. Now, the main issue is that this new product doesn’t include a built-in mounting system, as a” keychain that has a little leather pouch on it that you can slip your AirTag into” will be sold separately, how convenient.

Now, we could see the new AirTags launch alongside the new HomePod mini, as both products are “technically ready.” However, let’s also remember that Jon Prosser had claimed that the new Apple Watch and the iPad models would be announced via a press release, so you may want to take this new information with some salt.

Source MacRumors


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