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Apple AirTags are reportedly helping criminals to steal high-end vehicles in Canada

By Roland Udvarlaki December 3, 2021, 12:00 pm
AirTag tracking using GPS Source: Unsplash

According to a new report, Bluetooth trackers are being used across Canada to steal high-end, and high-value vehicles. Apple includes a special anti-tracking feature that lets victims know if they are being tracked by an AirTag, but the notification can easily be ignored, and it won’t notify those who use Android devices.

According to a Canadian Police Report (via MacRumors), Bluetooth and GPS trackers are being used by criminals to track down high-value vehicles. Trackers such as the AirTag can transmit location data to the thieves’ iPhones, which can help locate where a particular vehicle is parked. Once the thieves discover the cars, they’re often stolen from the owner’s driveway. Thieves often spot high-end cars in public spaces such as car parks, and often hide the trackers within the tow hitch and the fuel cap, places that are out of sight.


Apple includes anti-tracking features within AirTags that can help notify victims with an iPhone that they are being tracked, but not all victims have iPhones and not everyone pays enough attention to all of the notifications that could help prevent some of these incidents.

The Police have investigated five incidents in York, where criminals used AirTags to track down victims and their vehicles. Only five of these incidents have been directly linked to AirTags, but more than 2,000 vehicles were reported stolen in the past year. It’s unclear how many of those vehicles were tracked down by “smart trackers”.

The police recommend car owners park their vehicles in private garages if at all possible and inspect their vehicles before moving off. It’s also worth checking the devices, especially if it’s an iPhone, to see if there are any unusual notifications before and after moving off, which can trigger the AirTag and notify the victim.


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