Slice: AirPods have completely changed the dynamic of the US headphone market

After being chastised for everything from their extravagant price to lack of color choice, bland design, late launch, limited inventory and, of course, how easy one could lose track of them, Apple’s “magical” wireless AirPods still reportedly sold like hotcakes.

And it’s not just Tim Cook that’s describing the 3.5mm audio jack-killing headphones as a “runaway success” (without actually mentioning sales numbers), as Slice Intelligence estimates Apple grabbed 26 percent of the US wireless market on the heels of the highly anticipated AirPods commercial rollout.

That’s over a fourth of the pie gobbled by this cordless headset alone, with Cupertino racking up an additional 15.4 percent of online revenue across the Beats family. At a 16.1 percent share, Bose managed to take home the silver medal, while Sony, Jaybird, Plantronics, Sennheiser and LG trailed far behind.

The self-proclaimed “authoritative source on e-commerce” based its latest research on data harvested from hundreds of thousands of online shoppers, also concluding a mind-blowing 75 percent of headphones sold on the web in December were wireless.

That’s not entirely Apple’s feat, of course, but just a year earlier, wireless and wired headphones were still evenly matched in similar box-office charts. It’s also worth highlighting the day of the AirPods release was 2016’s largest single day of online headphone spending, beating both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the game-changing headset’s buyers are male.

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