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AirPods are some of the best wireless earbuds available in the market, and the Pro version are even better. However, Apple has now found more ways to improve its wireless earbuds.

WWDC 2020 has also announced that the AirPods software will include new features. We first find Automatic Switching; this new feature will let you to move between devices seamlessly without you having to switch your device manually. Now, the fresh Spatial Audio will recreate an authentic surround sound experience. You will get advanced spatial algorithms on AirPods Pro, even if you’re only wearing one earbud.

AirPods Pro users will also get accelerometer and gyroscope tracking, which will track if your head moves, and it can even track if your iPhone or iPad is moving in relation to your Airpods. This new feature will help you stay in sync regardless of where you go and whichever situation you’re in. It also works with Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, and even Dolby ATMOS.

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