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Don’t get scammed when going for an AirPods discount on Amazon

By Jules Wang August 12, 2018, 9:21 am

AirPods weren’t the first in the wireless buds space and they certainly won’t be the last, but it seems like these little sound-giving earplugs from Apple have been the most divisive thing to discuss since, well, any smartphone release. Great sound, sure, but they never seem to fit in your ear.

Well, if you need a little help convincing yourself to try them on, there’s a $15 discount waiting for you on a pair of AirPods. That means a price tag of $144.90.

A little buyer beware for you: if you happen to catch on the Amazon page that this is a “USED” version instead of the “NEW” one that costs $212.90, don’t be fooled: there is an upgrade to the AirPods in the works, but it’s not out yet.

Supply has not met up with demand over the past year of AirPod availability and we think that’s a shame not just for a trillion-dollar business, but for consumers who want their choice.

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