Apple gives you 10% bonus when you add money to your account

Some Apple users have received an email from the iPhone-maker informing them of a new promotion. It turns out that if you are adding money from a credit or debit card to your Apple account, Apple will throw in 10% of what you add as a bonus.

The promotion is valid for deposits ranging between $1.00 and $200, so if you add the maximum amount of $200 to your Apple account, Apple will give you $20, for a total of $220. The way you add money to your account is easy: you go to your Settings app, select your account name, hit the iTunes and App Store option, choose your Apple ID, and then go for the “Add Funds to Apple ID” option.

You will then be able to see all the options available to you, including the bonuses that Apple is throwing in. This promotion is valid between March 10 and March 14 in the United States. It is also available in other countries, according to reports, like Germany (Apple is offering 15 percent bonus here). If you are in the UK, Australia, or Canada, this promotion is not available yet and it’s unknown whether Apple will flip the switch.

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