Apparently. when you tell two people to do the same job, no matter how detailed the instructions are, you might get some different results. In the case of Apple working with Samsung and TSMC, these three have had a history after a turbulent period where Samsung could’ve lost its whole Apple contract to TSMC. The two are in now in their current coexistence doing their own jobs.

But some iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users on internet forums are finding out what kind of job each manufacturer has done with the A9 processors in each of them something of a quality grab-bag.

With testing from MyDrivers and Reddit users, the Samsung-made A9 chipset actually don’t last as long as the TSMC-made one — by as much as 20 percent.

This has led some curious and proactive users to find out which processor they have. There is one app from the App Store and one unsigned one that you can use.

The unsigned one from developer Hiraku Wang will explicit drop your processor’s manufacturer by name while the other one called Lirum Device Info Lite signals your A9 maker by serial number: TSMC processors are labelled N66MAP for the iPhone 6s Plus and N71MAP for the iPhone 6s. Samsung processors are labelled N66AP for the iPhone 6s Plus and N71AP for the iPhone 6s.

Is this a big deal that will see action from Apple or is this just collateral damage?

Download: Hiraku Jira (download at your own risk), Lirum Device Info Lite (App Store)
Source: MyDrivers [1, 2] (Google Translate), Reddit
Via: Engadget

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