Apple managed to turn quite a few heads last year when it unveiled the iPhone 5S, not just due to the phone’s fingerprint scanner or the new gold color option, but thanks to the system-on-a-chip powering the phone, the 64-bit A7. Since then, we’ve mainly been talking about the A7 in terms of other companies catching up and delivering 64-bit smartphones of their own, but we’ve also been catching whiffs of what might be next for Apple itself, and back in January heard a little about the technology that could go into the rumored A8. We find ourselves back on the subject of this upcoming chip today, as new rumors discuss the component’s production.

Back in January, we were told that Apple had dropped Samsung in favor of TSMC fabricating the A8, with word that production might begin in earnest sometime in Q2. We’re still about a month away there, but now rumors assert that TSMC’s production is already well underway.

Could this help bolster some of those rumors of earlier-than-usual Apple product launches this year? Much like the last time we discussed that possibility, we find ourselves considering two distinct options: early A8 production could suggest an early launch for the iPhone 6, but might just as easily signal Apple’s intent to start building-up stocks well in advance of any launch, with the intention of having sufficient supply on-hand to meet consumer demand.

Via: GigaOM
Image: iFixit

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