2019 iPhones to pack even larger batteries than 2018 generation to handle TrueDepth needs

If Apple decides to extend its controversial new battery-preserving “feature” to the iPhone X with an iOS 12.2 update a year or so down the line, many recent big spenders may feel compelled to upgrade to one of three widely rumored sequels.

But if you’re excited about the prospect of larger batteries powering the two next-gen OLED iPhones and that metal-clad LCD 2018 variant, it might be wise to wait until 2019 and see Cupertino further enhance cell capacity across the board.

Then again, KGI’s always active Ming-Chi Kuo expects “upgraded 3D-sensing and AR-related functions” to consume significantly more energy in a couple of years than right now on the first-generation iPhone X.

Hence, larger-capacity batteries will likely not translate into higher endurance numbers between charges for 2019 iPhones with a revised, more complex and power-demanding TrueDepth camera system.

If you read carefully between the lines of the trusted analyst’s latest investor note, you can safely assume the 2018 iPhone family will include largely the same Face ID technology as this year’s X, spreading the love across the entire lineup, and boosting battery run times with larger sizes.

By the way, Apple should be perfectly capable of accommodating bigger cells inside next-gen iPhone packages staying roughly as thin and sleek as right now. That’s because essentially all the other parts will become smaller and smaller.

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