Direct iPhone X sequel could cost $899, larger model going for $999, LCD price tipped at ‘$700+’

Apple’s first three-device iPhone lineup may not have been extremely successful in terms of sales volume, but hefty profit margins have sure helped the financial juggernaut’s bottom line. Still, in the long run, current average selling prices are unsustainable, according to more and more experts, which probably means we should expect a cheaper three-iPhone 2018 generation.

That’s despite the fact the large majority of analysts and insiders out there predict Apple is at least strongly considering to release just one new LCD model and two variants with sharp OLED screens in the fall.

All three are widely expected to snub conventional fingerprint recognition methods and rely solely on facial authentication while keeping screen bezels as thin as possible. And now the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus (unconfirmed name) is rumored to cost $999, thus matching the starting price of the original X.

That would push the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone XI (also an unconfirmed name) down to $899, while an “all-screen” 6.1-inch LCD version that could be viewed as following in the footsteps of the 8 Plus is believed to be targeting a $700+ bracket.

The iPhone 8 Plus, mind you, starts at $799 with pretty thick bezels and no Face ID support, so even a $799 sequel makes sense. At “$700+”, it could well prove the most popular of Apple’s three new iPhones this year, looking at between 35 and 50 percent of total volumes. At least that’s what financial services firm RBC Capital Markets is anticipating, although a lot can obviously change by the time iPhone X’s follow-up efforts actually see daylight.

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