We have a fresh batch of next-gen iPhone rumors, courtesy of a “reliable supplier source” cited under protection of anonymity by the Japanese Macotakara blog, and these are actually quite juicy, going into a bit more detail than previous reports of this sort regarding screen and body sizes.

It’s no big secret that Apple is most likely working on two OLED iPhone X sequels and a lower-cost LCD model due to be released in the fall. What we’re hearing for the first time today is the “iPhone X 6.5 inches model” should match the size of last year’s 8 Plus while growing an imperceptible 0.2mm in thickness.

Keeping in mind that the iPhone 8 Plus sports a significantly smaller 5.5-inch LCD screen, that would make this year’s iPhone X Plus crazy compact, no doubt as a result of bezel reduction and notch integration.

Meanwhile, the “next model of iPhone X 5.8 inches” is expected to use the “same body as current model”, with a larger camera sensor and lens in tow however that are likely to considerably improve the image capturing experience.

As for “iPhone’s low price model”, don’t expect it to give up the TrueDepth camera and resulting Face ID technology, with its overall footprint sitting “close to Huawei Nova Lite 2 or Moto G5 Plus.” The two mid-range Android handsets’ dimensions are roughly 150 x 73 x 7.5mm, which would make the 6 or 6.1-inch LCD 2018 iPhone taller and wider than the iPhone 8 and X but shorter and narrower than the 8 Plus.

Finally, Macotakara’s confidential source claims iOS 12 will enable Face ID authentication in “horizontal state”, which feels like it should have been a standard launch feature last fall. Currently, you have to hold the iPhone X vertically for the facial scanner to work its magic, but apparently, landscape orientation support is also in the pipeline at last.

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