Don’t hold your breath for a 10.5 or 12.9-inch new iPad Pro launch until May, sources say

The month of May still technically counts as spring, but it’s probably not what Apple insiders had in mind when predicting a new iPhone 7 color and top-of-the-line iPhone SE configuration would debut alongside delayed next-gen iPads.

While it remains unclear if low TSMC 10nm chip yields are indeed at fault for the disruption of an early 2017 iPad release schedule, it seems increasingly likely those oft-rumored new 10.5 and 12.9-inchers need additional development time.

Unnamed industry sources close to Taiwan-based makers in the iPad supply chain are reportedly “more certain” that the two iOS giants will not land on the market before May. Possibly, June. As for an “entry-level” 9.7-incher, presumably powered by a previous-generation Apple A9X SoC, all signs still point to a Q1 launch.

That might not be enough for key local component providers like TPK Holding or General Interface Solution to post healthy first-quarter revenue scores, and mind you, the former already had a bad 2016 run. But both companies should see business quickly pick up later this year, especially if the 10.5-inch (or 10.9) iPad Pro comes to pass with sizzling hot, super-slim screen bezels, practically foreshadowing a similarly sleek, “edgeless” iPhone 8. For now, we wait.

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