Oft-rumored ‘bezelless’ 10.5-inch iPad Pro is now ‘due’ June… maybe

Apple has to do something to stop the free fall of iPads amid slowly rising Windows 10 convertibles and stagnating traditional Android slates. Something a little more drastic than just replacing the age-old Air 2 with a strikingly similar “new” 9.7-inch model packing A9 processing power.

Perhaps something even more drastic than the late 2015 introduction of a lightweight 12.9-inch laptop alternative with an optional Smart Keyboard. We’re talking basically taking Samsung Galaxy S8’s or LG G6’s “Infinity Display” magic and adapting it for a larger, sleeker screen. A 10.5-incher, rumor has it, possibly squeezing into a smaller overall body than the non-Pro iPad 9.7.

This third iPad Pro version has been expected out in March, then April, May, and now June, based on inside information leaked from an Apple Authorized Reseller of compatible accessories. Apparently, an Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Metropolis Folio Case designed specifically for the as-yet unannounced iPad 10.5 is scheduled to start selling sometime next month.

That may or may not be legit, and it may or may not hint at the official launch timeline of the oft-rumored near-borderless iPad Pro. At the very least, it suggests Cupertino’s retail partners have faith in recent gossip.

The problem with banking on a June release, presumably on the heels of a preview at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC)? That ultra-thin-bezel design is still super-tricky to pull off, especially when it comes to Touch ID sensor integration, and it’s also unclear if TSMC’s 10nm-based A10X SoC is ready for primetime after all.

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