Apple closes in on historic $1 trillion total revenue from iOS ’empire’

While Apple celebrated iPhone’s recent tenth birthday a little more noisily than similar anniversaries in the past, CEO Tim Cook remained evasive about actual milestones of the “continuous revolution.”

The focus was on highlighting iPhone 7 and 7 Plus “innovations” once more, as well as iOS 10, repeatedly billed the “biggest iOS release ever”, instead of perhaps reminding us the billionth iPhone was sold last year, with corporate profits at new all-time highs.

Leave it to esteemed industry analyst and well-known Apple pundit Horace Dediu to crunch far more interesting numbers, like how revenues from iOS product sales are expected to reach a grand total of $980 billion by “middle of this year.” 980. Billion. US dollars. A-mazing!

Add roughly $100 billion in “iOS services revenues (including content)” to the equation, and “sometime this year”, Apple will no doubt cross the $1 trillion iOS ecosystem finish line. Yet the world’s largest information technology company is only getting started, with Dediu quite certain that the “iOS empire is far stronger and resilient” than fizzled Nokia or BlackBerry businesses, and even Windows and Android “empires.”

There’s no “big bang” predicted for the iPhone’s second decade, but a “process of continuous improvement” should further drive adoption and switchers from Android, as well as cultivate a fast-growing network of ancillary smart accessories, Apple Watch, Airpods and Pencil included.

Back to concrete, mind-blowing numbers, the iPhone is now estimated to have sold in “at least” 1.2 billion units. Together with the iPod touch, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV, it should reach 2 billion by the end of 2018, which leaves us speechless.

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