App Store searches get new algorithm, more relevant results

With the Mac App Store fiasco sorted out, it’s time to refocus on the apps themselves. Specifically, how to find them.

Online advertising offers a direct way for potential customers a direct land on your app’s page. But what if you’re promoting in that real life kind of space — ordering billboards and such? Moreover, if people find themselves in a situation where they’ll “look it up later” for any reason, what are the chances that they’ll find your application?


It turns out that Apple’s working on improving those odds by ranking apps for factors not explicitly labeled as a “keyword.”

The first noticeable changes to App Store searches were spotted on November 3, reported by analytics firms and developers. Apple ranks app search results based on partial matches, extended context and competing brands along with other factors.

Later updates to the algorithm included less reliance on a user’s download history, which tended to favor free apps.

A developer of a series of educational apps noted that his app picked up searches from 70 keyphrases that weren’t directly listed in metadata.

But as we’re ten days on from the start of some interesting changes in the App Store, we can’t be certain if and how tides will change in the marketplace.

Source: Techcrunch

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