It’s been smooth sailing for Project Fi since its launch. That said, the waters that Google’s little MVNO effort has cruised through have been in narrow canals with a population of a few Nexus devices and a one-size-fits-one plan — only one line for every account at one flat rate.

Well, Android Police has dug into the latest APK for the app (version K.2.7.13) and has found strings referring to an account “owner” that “[c]an adjust everything” and everything used on the account is “[p]aid by” said owner.

Data allowances, warnings and shutdowns can be set for each line and edited month-to-month. Text and voice services can also be shut down for any given line. Owners can allow users to reactivate their own services, set an time or an elapsed time period before reactivation or just choose when to reactivate the line themselves. Lines (members) can be added and removed at will by the account owner and payment responsibilities for removed members can be transferred to them. The group account owner is in charge of any breakup costs (including paying off financed devices and leftover balances on the line.

These are just features of what a possible Project Fi group plan may include. Specificity of these aspects and others like what kind of rate plan might be used (if they are created for such plans) and a release date.

Source: Android Police
Via: PCWorld

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