What if HTC made the Pixel 2 XL instead of LG? That was what we were thinking about before October 4. There were three devices under codenames and they, categorized by physical size, were “walleye,” “muskie,” and “taimen.”

Ultimately, “muskie” was dropped. HTC made the “walleye” into the Pixel 2 and LG made “taimen” into the Pixel 2 XL. It’s thought that HTC would have had the XL with that “muskie” device, but perhaps something happened when Google decided to invest in LG Display’s OLED panel production. Perhaps that’s not paying out in results, but that’s beside the point from here.

Leaving behind rumors, XDA-Developers picked up on a device branch for “muskie” in the Android Open Source Project gerrit that seems to continue on from where it was unceremoniously dropped off.

The directory says that Google was the manufacturer, but that HTC was the ODM with a mention in one of the battery management strings. That battery was 8.8 percent larger than the one on LG’s Pixel 2 XL at 3,830mAh. It would match the resolution density of the XL at 560ppi and it would also have the Pixel Visual Core co-processor.

Why it’s been incorporated into the AOSP is a mystery to us, but we wouldn’t expect it to get anything.

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