Another day, another small OnePlus 5 update with bug fixes and ‘optimizations’

What the heck is OnePlus doing? The intriguing, somewhat divisive new flagship phone from the always fascinating 2013-founded Chinese company has literally just gone on (open) sale, and super-early adopters are already looking at their second software update.

OxygenOS 4.5.3 was issued over-the-air yesterday, June 27, which just so happened to be the public global launch day of the OnePlus 5, as well as the day after the OTA rollout of platform build 4.5.2.

We honestly don’t know if this highly unusual urgency in fixing not one, but two different batches of bugs is a good or bad thing. From the most obvious standpoint, you should definitely be content with the OEM’s software support, at least as far as new, premium devices are concerned.

Then again, it’s easy to argue these “optimizations” were perhaps due before the OnePlus 5 made even its limited commercial debut. Either way, it’s nice to get additional “system stability improvements”, “camera effect and stability enhancements”, “effects of auto-brightness adjustment” and “accuracy of data usage statistics” augmentation.

A specific “expanded screenshot display issue”, plus general “Google Translate stutters” and “Wi-Fi occasional drops” are ironed out too, and the whole thing only tips the scales at around 54MB. It’s hardly a major system overhaul, but you may notice a few semi-important differences in user experience here and there, so be sure to give it a try.

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