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Another Pixel 3 bug seems to affect text messages

By Anton D. Nagy November 14, 2018, 2:00 am
Pixel 3

It looks like number three isn’t just as lucky as some might believe it is. The Pixel 3 experience has not been a very pleasant one for some owners. The phone has some memory management issues, as well as camera and gallery problems, in addition to Pixel 3 XL displaying more notches than it should. None of these are deal breakers and Google can easily fix the situation. What it can’t fix, for now, is a physically broken Pixel 3, but we’ll get there, in time.

Another Pixel 3 bug has popped up, and this one is related to text messages. Many users complained on reddit that after applying the November security update, some (and in some cases, all) of their text messages stored on the phone disappeared.

Users report that the issues started with the Messages app freezing during the syncing process, and behaving erratic. Reopening the app results in seeing some of the text messages disappear. Other people complain that their entire text messaging history (of more than two years) has disappeared. It is currently unknown whether this is a Pixel 3 issue, a November security update issue, or a problem with the Messages app and service. In any case, if you have text messages you want to keep or save, make sure you back up properly.

Messages app has ‘synced’ away virtually entire message history but for this weekend’s from GooglePixel

Messages disappeared…? from GooglePixel

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